The appeal of Ender's Game is hard to explain. One
of my personal  thoughts  is that  people who love
the book can  really identify with Ender.  When  I
read Ender's Game, I felt as if I was Ender. He is
a  child who is way  above  the level  of  all the
other  children  in  his  school.  He finds school
extremely  boring  because he is never  challenged
(something a LOT of  gifted and  talented children
identify with.)  Ender  is  constantly made fun of
because he is a "Third".  In the future,  families
are only allowed to have two  children unless they
are given  permission from  the government to have
more.  The I.F. is looking for the one who has all
the right  characteristics to  lead Earth's fleet.
Ender's  older  siblings Peter, and Valentine, who
are just as intelligent as Ender but were rejected
for other reasons,  are the  only reason Ender was
allowed to exist.The characters in the book are so
believable,  and you  really care about them.  The
book is also  very good  science fiction and has a
lot  of thought  provoking   ideas   such  as  the
"Ansible"   which   carries  messages  across  the
universe instantly. Ender's Game won both the Hugo
and  Nebula  Awards.  The  best  way  for  you  to
understand why  Ender's  Game is so widely popular
is to read it for yourself. I would recommend this
book to  anyone interested  in  science fiction or
even anyone who enjoys reading at all.