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I have an iPhone. I'm finding myself very prone to snapping photos now, whereas before I was completely unlikely to tote a camera. I also discovered that Movable Type works just fine on the iPhone, I even posted an entry on my personal blog from it while we were at the ice cream place.

But you know what? I want to put up a photo I just blogged. But transferring a photo via anything but email is a pain. Enter perl. I whipped up a perl script to receive iphone photo email, piped via procmail, and save the photo attachment to a path, then email back the phone address with the filename it used. Just make sure you set the path in the script to somewhere down from your DocumentRoot, and then you can immediately reference the photo with an img tag.

Now I can photoblog directly from the phone, which is pretty fun.

sendmail (for the outbound msg, but I bet you could adapt any other mail program)

Here's the relevent part of my procmail entry (note that photoblog is an alias that goes to my user account via /etc/aliases):

* ^TO.*

And the code, which you can get here:

Happy photoblogging from the phone.

Welcome to Text-Only Counterstrike

You are in a dark, outdoor map.
You have been pwned by a grue.

Gotta love 'em

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Cool nerds.

Jeff Bezos

Such an alpha nerd. He's rumored to be a crazed idea guy who can brainstorm up innovation the way most people decide what to have for lunch. The Taco Bell commercials, the bizarre business branches of Amazon, they all just add to the mystique. I just wish he'd fight harder for patent reform.

Mark Cuban

You just have to love Mark Cuban. Fired for closing a sale, relentless entrepreneuer, funds the EFF, looking for disruptive tech all the time... he's awesome. And his irreverent personality is the clincher. More fines than anyone in NBA history? Check. Anything he can't do? I'll leave that box blank.

Richard Branson

You just gotta love it. Self made mania, with little tentacles in so many diverse industries, you have to wonder if his prowess just comes from a deal with the devil. Music, transportation, cell phones, health clubs... this guy is awesome.

Janus Friis, Niklas Zennstrom

First, you make Kazaa. Then, because you can't buy the particular small country you wanted, you make Skype. After pocketing 2.4B from that, you're still thinking: what next? So you start making a P2P TV app. THYS? Bad. Ass. They're like a more commercialized version of Justin Frankel, on crack.

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