Seinfeld is an appropriate Microsoft shill; Vista is a joke

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I was pleased and amused at news that Seinfeld will apparently pimp Vista, which has been ravaged by issues such as poor performance, the way UAC trains users to click yes without providing real security, to say nothing of how Vista has horrible DRM, which distrusts the user and hurts consumers.

Vista is so bad, Microsoft came up with this elaborate plan to trick people into saying nice things about Vista. It might be easy to trick a few novice users into thinking Vista looks neat when they're in a lab, but do they know about the performance issues it may have on their hardware, or the frustrating DRM? For that matter, can they navigate the small ocean of different Vista licenses to select the right one? Vista is not what you'd expect from a half-decade of development. When you spend billions upon billions of dollars on a new operating system, you'd expect more than a "Defective By Design" piece of junk.

All this leads me to conclude that Seinfeld is the perfect spokesperson for Vista. Because Vista is a joke. Windows is the Smelly Car of personal computing. It makes computers stink, and Vista is just the latest horrible manifestation.

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