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I'm aware I haven't posted much. That said, I'm hoping to have an app I've been working on for the GAE (Google App Engine) done shortly, and will post some impressions about the GAE, and Python. (Wait, do I need a new category?)

After that, now that Apple has opened the developer floodgates, it's time to put in some time with my Cocoa for MacOSX book, iphone dev docs, etc, and do some iphone work. I enjoy my own iphone way too much to not develop something for it. Yay open platform! I did a small app for PalmOS ages ago, never even distributed it, but just had to to do it because I loved my palm and there was a decent gcc-based toolchain.

I am planning to upgrade to 3g, despite battery concerns. If necessary, I will disable the 3g except when I expect to be using lots of data. I never had an issue with call quality, and don't talk enough (<100m a month on average) to care. Maybe I can figure out a way to make that hotkeyed in some way. (I'd like to have a handful of settings toggles available when you double-click home when locked, like the ipod controls)

I grabbed a mybat external battery for the iphone. We'll see how that works, but tucked in my laptop bag, hopefully that will be serviceable in the clutch when battery is low and a recharge opportunity is not coming.

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