jQuery 1.2.6

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A couple weeks ago, the jQuery team released jquery 1.2.6.

jQuery is the write-once, run-anywhere a new type of javascript library.

It's incredibly full of win. Favorite things in 1.2.6:

  • Still small (minified+gzipped, 15k)
  • Dimensions plugin - I can see why. Dimensions was a godsend, providing totally important calls like $.position() and $.innerHeight() and whatnot. Indispensible.
  • makeArray - jQuery's internal .makeArray() method now converts any array-like object into a new array. Additionally it wraps all other objects as an array and returns the resulting set. This one is so wild, it will require further digestion, but there are plenty of possibilities

I'm working on a brief introductions to jQuery I will post to go over a bunch of basic techniques; things that go a tiny bit beyond the jquery.com documentation usage.

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