A PHP bug... and a conversion

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I've been trying out different pieces of blogging software. I think I'm going to stick with MT. So this post is sort of... irrelevant to that. Although it's still a bug with trans-sids in PHP. Still, for posterity, I'm moving this and other blog entries from the old block in.

Of sorts. So I'm using LifeType to do this blog thing. First thing I do is hit the HTML validator button. It's broken. Why?

<form method="post" action="http://www.ender.com/index.php"><input type="hidden" name="plogsession" value="df66570f714a298578ce7ee7f91cf8d7" />

That's html source that it is validating that doesn't show up when I view it. Naturally, that's PHP with trans-sid.

I'm not real fond of trans-sid; when I used it before, I found that it was buggy, and there were definitely forms I set up which it failed to slip an id into anyhow, so it was unreliable at best. And it breaks XHTML 1.0, by putting its hidden input field for tracking too soon. (Because the input SHOULD come after a <p>.)

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